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About us

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Our contact with the canine world began years ago as a hobby taking several dogs throughout life, but in reality, my passion for the breed Pug came in 2012 after buying my first copy which fascinated me, and when I knew I wanted know and learn more about this breed. Shortly after he was when I met José Luis de fencingdogs when I ended up fucking several females and several males blood line leading raising him for 20 years and now I'm going to follow that path to be improving race and enjoy it, because Now if I can say that the Pug is the most loyal dog I know and an unconditional friend.

"DegaliDebetan" is not a commercial kennel or for profit. Nor is it a business or are professionals in selling dogs. Our business is family run and is part of the interests referred to as recreational - sport by law. Produce few litters a year and always with the ultimate goal of obtaining quality individuals that allow us to improve the breed generation after generation. Some of the pups born just staying home constituting our generational renewal.

This type of qualitative parenting involves considerable effort and are based on the following pillars:

  • Study of different bloodlines to plan appropriate and complementary junctions.
  • Competition in exhibitions as a tool that allows us to assess achievements in selection.
  • Acquisition of individuals contributing to maintaining a high level of quality in our breeding genetics.
  • To ensure the best conditions and quality of life for the full development of our animals.

de gali de betan